Here are some latest articles about the School Closures so you can keep up to date on the issues.

B.C. government to eliminate 95% capacity guideline for school upgrades

CBC News Posted: September 21st, 2016

Don Davies calls for Federal Funding

Youtube Posted: September 19th, 2016

Thousands petition to save East Vancouver schools from closure

Georgia Straight Posted: September 12th, 2016

Vancouver school closures: preliminary list released

Critics question why schools need to have 95 per cent enrolment to be eligible for seismic funding

CBC News Posted: Jun 20, 2016

Six things you need to know about Vancouver’s proposed school closures

Emotions run high in wake of VSB’s school closure list
Eleven East Side schools considered for closure

Vancouver Courier, June 22, 2016

Education Minister on VSB school closures and funding private schools

CBC News Posted: Jun 23, 2016